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Review + Swatches: Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Palette

Thanks to the way ASOS works I actually managed to accidentally buy this palette, can you believe that? I wouldn't, but I promise it's true! Basically you have to put card details in before voucher codes, so when I hit enter to add the voucher code it actually put my order through. But I did actually want the palette so didn't have the heart to do anything about it! Plus it means I get to share the swatches etc with you guys! 

As always I've included a summary at the end :) 

The Basics 
As I already said I bought this from ASOS for £33, which according to them is a saving of 832%, sounds pretty good when you put it like that! Inside you get 12 eyeshadows, each with 0.9g product, or 10.8g total. Also you get a fullsize (12ml) Lashgasm Mascara and a mini (5g) Shadow Insurance in the Candlelight shade. So although not cheap for the set, it's definitely good value! 

Lashgasm Mascara 
This mascara is new to me, but after loving their Lash Injection I had high hopes, however I haven't been too convinced with it. Although that wand looks like it should be great at separating the lashes, I actually found the formula to be really wet and leave my lashes looking rather clumpy! But it does give some good length, and applied over another mascara the volume can be good. And just so you know, it's quite easy to stab yourself in the eye with the wand! 

Shadow Insurance Candlelight 
The original shadow insurance is something I really like, so I was more than happy to try this. And I really like this, is sort of like a 2 in 1 product, a golden coloured cream eyeshadow, but a primer as well. It works really well too using this with the shadows in the set I got no creasing or colour fade when wearing the shadows all day long (10+ hours!). One thing to mention is that if you want your shadows to stay fully matte then you'll probably want to use a different primer! 

Shadow Review 
The majority of shadows in this palette, infact all but one have a really great quality. The mattes were especially impressive, probably the best matte shadows I've tried, super soft and easy to apply whilst still giving really nice pigmentation. The shimmer and metallic shades are also really great too. The colour selection is good, although I'm not sure I'd go as far as amazing as there's some similar shades, but well rounded and a good mix of textures! 

The colours...
Vanilla -  A great matte off white shade, that works great as a highlight on paler skins.

Cut the Cake - This is a demi-matte, grey toned lilac. It could do with a touch more pigmentation, but super silky soft and blendable nonetheless.

Framboise - This is a really pretty purple shade, think gunmetal and throw some strong greyed purple tones in there - metallic.

Coffee Bean - A rich medium-dark brown shade, a slight warm tone and again a matte finish.

... More colours ...
Peach Fuzz - A pearly matte warm nudey peach shade, with a small amount of golden microglitter - which doesn't fall down horribly!

Hot Cocoa - This shades not that true to pan, swatching a lot lighter to be more of a tan shade, with a pearly finish.

Candy Rose - A pale yellow toned pink, the same idea as Peach Fuzz, so again matte, but this time the microglitter is silver.

Lovey Dovey - Similar to Hot Cocoa, but a touch darker and this time with a metallic finish and leaning a touch bronzey.

... the rest! 

 Nude Beach - This is the dud shade of the palette, I'm afraid, it's rather gritty and doesn't apply that evenly.  However it's pretty champagne shade with golden glitter in it.

Cinnamon Sugar - A super pigmented metallic gold, it does lean slightly towards an antique gold shade, making it sit quite nicely in the natural look category.

Marzipan - I love marzipan, one of my favourite foods. The colour is a warm nude orange toned shade.

Licorice Latte - This is a very very deep brown, shade, infact pretty much black! The finish is matte, but it has golden microshimmer running through it to make it a bit more interesting!

The Good - good value, pretty packaging, matte shadows are the best I've tried! great longevity using  primer with shadows, good mix of textures. 

The Not so Good - the mascara is quite clumpy on me, I can see the velvet (on cardboard) packaging getting quite dirty! 

Would I repurchase? I wouldn't need more than one, but I may have to investigate whether they have any fully matte palettes! 

Price & Availability - £33, ASOS

Overall I think the palette is great quality, but there's something about the colour selection which just doesn't hit the mark for me. I just can't put my finger on it, but perhaps a little too warm toned for me? Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading this review and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah 

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  1. I love too faced, this palette looks amazing. They do have a fully matte palette, called the Matt Palette haha. It's been on my wish list for ages!
    Gem x

    1. That sounds amazing, may have to look into that!

  2. Framboise is gorgeous! The rest are pretty similar to the shades in the MUA Undressed palette and the like.
    Also, I finally tried that Dr Jart BB cream today and I'm loving it too! The texture was great, like nothing else I've tried.

    1. It is quite different isn't it! I'm still loving mine too :)

  3. Love the look of this palette xx

  4. The eyeshadow colors look amazing! Best collected in one pallete :)

  5. The palette looks gorgeous - great review :) x

  6. How did you create your look in the picture above? its super cute!

    1. Vanilla, Cut the Cake and Framboise if I remember correctly, with a black gel liner - thanks :)


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